Introducing the Silect Operations Portal

The Silect Operations Portal

DevOps is transforming the way organizations are developing, deploying and operating applications, systems and IT infrastructure accelerating time to market for new applications and systems enabling a more agile business. The new Silect Operations Portal can help your organization move towards DevOps and DevOps-driven monitoring.

Here are 5 ways Silect is enabling DevOps-Driven Monitoring:

1. Introducing the new Silect Operations Portal

The Silect Operations Portal includes a new self-service web console to enable application developers, business teams and other non-IT groups to add new monitoring or to view and make changes to how their systems are being monitored.

2. New integration and automation opportunities using our REST API

The Silect Operations Portal and all features of the web console are driven by the REST API which enables endless integration and automation scenarios.

3. New operational dashboards showing the state of services and applications

Application teams, business divisions and other stakeholders can view the operational state of the IT infrastructure giving them the information they need to build more reliable and responsive applications.

4. New roles-based console

Based on our MP Studio product, use the console to manage the complete lifecycle of all monitoring configurations including the ability to create, edit and view monitoring setup, view changes and much much more. A complete set of roles and guardrails are available to safely empower users of the console.

5. New licensing model making it easier to adopt DevOps

Silect is introducing a concurrent user licensing model for the Silect Operations Portal to simplify adoption.

Silect Operations Portal Demo

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The Silect Operations Portal is a package of solutions to enable your organization to move towards adopting DevOps. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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