MP Author & MP Author Pro Version 9.2

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of MP Author version 9.2 (both free and Professional versions). We’ve made lots of updates and improvements to the products. Here’s a summary of the changes:

• Convert Event Level back to a friendly value when editing event rules and monitors.
• Allow Excel files to be saved as CSV. Allow CSV export to have commas (field separators), CR/LF, LF, and/or CR in values replaced with characters specified as environment variables.
• Update CSV export to be consistent for all export paths. Export to Excel button should now export all rows.
• Add Alert Display Name to Monitor and Rules grids.
• Fix the Expression steps in various wizards to allow Optional/Required expressions and update the button state correctly.
• Update the extended Browse for Folder dialog and use in all places that require folder browsing.
• To make it easer to see the start/end of user commands, show them in green in the log file. Hyperlinks are now just shown in black.
• Description fields in wizards now allow multiple line text.
• Alert names will be updated when editing alert generating rules and monitors (unless customized).
• Add class instance browser for fragments.
• Fixed XML edit control in Import Fragment dialog (OK button no longer hidden in some cases).
• Widen the Name column in Import Fragment to handle longer names.
• Support s in fragments (and log fragments which have no expected contents).
• Modify the fragment code to work with a read-only file system.
• Change file name of fragment index file. Re-index when browsed.
• Allow validation specifications to follow parameter names in fragments. Update Import Fragment to validate against those rules. The Add-Fragment PowerShell cmdlet also validates.
• Allow hyperlinks to be clicked when importing a fragment (but not when editing).
• SNMP Probe and Trap monitors now allow overridable parameters in expressions.
• Various bug fixes and optimizations.

MP Studio 9.2 has also been released.

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