MP Studio Version 9.2

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of MP Studio version 9.2. We’ve made lots of updates and improvements to the products. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • All the changes for MP Author Pro (see
  • Fix bug when creating (but not updating) new overrides in Manage Multiple Overrides dialog.
  • Overridden Element ID was incorrect (was Override ID, not ID of element being overridden) in workflow reports.
  • Add -ExcludeCounts to Document-ManagementGroup PowerShell cmdlet.
  • Fixed missing Meaning values when formatting under PowerShell.
  • Improved workflow reports by matching whole names and just the machine name.
  • Improved filtering (slower time out for short strings).
  • Add new command Show All Versions when Filtered to Store root node menu.
  • Fix group audit report to handle groups with any members (not just Windows or Linux computers or SNMP devices).
  • Fix some sizing issues in Store Admin and Edit User dialogs and remember user size/position preferences.
  • Modify the edit user dialog to ensure that the Sealed folder is always selected, and 3 other folders are pre-selected by default.

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