MP Studio, MP Author Pro and MP Author: Version 10.2

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of MP Studio, MP Author Pro and MP Author version 10.2. We’ve made lots of updates and improvements to the products. Here’s a summary of the changes:

MP Studio

  • Allow only up to 2 errors when enumerating child domains before stopping. Limit can be changed via an environment variable.
  • The comparison engine now ignores properties that have been marked as Obsolete.
  • MP Verify enhanced with some optional additional verification rules.
  • Handle credentials that can’t be read or decrypted properly by logging an error and returning empty credentials.
  • Allow Move/Copy Overrides to work with Secure Reference overrides.
  • Allow Delete Multiple versions for Sealed MPs. Error message tells why some versions can’t be deleted.
  • Change how we handle referenced MPs to ensure that MPs from the correct folder are taken before falling back to the distribution folder and ensure that if a later MPB/MP is written the earlier MP/MPB is deleted.
  • Allow Workflow Report to run correctly even if the UNIX/Linux MP is not installed.
  • SNMP devices can be deleted from the Saved Network Device list by selecting and pressing Del.
  • When a grid is filtered, ensure that any selected rows that are no longer visible are de-selected to avoid confusion.
  • Improve the registry class wizard to allow more cases to be edited with the wizard.
  • Allow tooltips in the Store and Admin trees to be shown or not shown. See Tools, Options, General.
  • Create temporary files in a separate folder for background tasks and clean up when done.
  • Display the names of included/excluded class instances in the group target wizard.

And the changes in MP Author Pro (below).

MP Author Pro

  • Show properties for overridable parameters for all applicable element types.

And the changes in MP Author (below).

MP Author

  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Ensure time values are converted using the invariant culture in the schedule control.
  • Copying text from a message box with Ctrl-C will only copy selected text, otherwise everything.
  • Element grids (Monitors, Rules, etc.) are now sorted by Name.
  • Allow users to make filter settings persistent.
  • When running MP BPA, always include the reference folder.
  • Do not include the class Id in state views (changes when an MP is sealed and is not required).
  • Work around the MPB file locking problem by copying the MPB to a temporary file and opening that instead.
  • When comparing management group version to SDK version, only consider the major.minor parts.
  • If a class property doesn’t have a DisplayName, use the Name.
  • Allow multiple severities and priorities to be specified in the Alert View wizard.
  • Fixed sizing of the list of alert sources in the Alert View wizard.
  • Script Monitor wizard enhanced to allow on-demand detection.
  • Fix 2-state consecutive samples performance monitor wizard.