A recent study published by Digitate reveals that automation is becoming top of mind for many enterprises, with 90% of IT leaders planning to deploy more in the next year. With this in mind we recently released the Silect Operations Portal SDK which provides detailed documentation and sample code on using the extensive REST API included in the Portal. Using the SDK customers can automate many SCOM-related tasks including MP authoring, override management, managing maintenance schedules, changes to notifications and much more.

The REST API allows customers to create scripts or programs that automate SCOM operations. The REST API is used by the Silect Portal, so everything that can be done in the Silect Portal can also be done using the REST API directly (and more).

The SDK includes a guide designed to assist user understanding of the REST API, exploring the REST API, and creating scripts or programs for their MP development needs. Sample programs are provided using both PowerShell and C# (or any other .NET language) that can be used as a basis for their own solutions. PowerShell is extremely powerful and is best suited for running simpler operations that complete quickly. C# is more suitable for mission critical solutions that can perform long-running operations, with more resilience. Both PowerShell and C# can be used to perform the same operations, but the above guidelines may help with choosing how to implement operations.

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