Sentinel Pro Security Pack

Security is top of mind for most organizations however security solutions can be expensive and difficult to implement. The Sentinel Pro Security Pack offers an alternative. It offers affordable, real-time, continuous security monitoring, reporting and remediation of your on premise, cloud or hybrid IT infrastructure making your environment more secure and less likely to be breached.

Product Overview

The Sentinel Pro Security Pack delivers visibility into your security state. For an on-premise deployment the Sentinel Management Pack works with either System Center (Configuration Manager / SCCM or Operations Manager / SCOM) or Silect Compliance Manager to enable reporting into your security posture. For a cloud implementation we leverage Azure Log Analytics. And built-in remediation capabilities allow you to bring any number of systems back into compliance with a single mouse click.

Click here to view a detailed reference of the security controls in the Sentinel Pro Security Pack.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Real-time assessment of your security posture leveraging industry best practices. The Sentinel Pro Security Pack automates over 50 system-level controls.

Flexible Reporting

Dashboards and reports show overall compliance as well as compliance trends with the ability to drill down to view individual endpoints and their compliance state. And for SCOM and Azure Log Analytics deployments Power BI dashboards are also available.

Quick Deployment

Deployment options include on premise using Microsoft System Center (a Configuration Baseline for SCCM and a Management Pack for SCOM) or as a service using Azure.

Automated Remediation

Remediation features efficiently bring non-compliant systems back into a secure and compliant state. The Sentinel Pro Pack includes Tasks for SCOM, remediation scripts for SCCM and run-books for an Azure deployment.

Works Across Entire IT Infrastructure

Whether it’s monitoring cloud or on premise resources or a combination of both, the Sentinel Pro Security Pack can provide an overview of your overall security state.

Affordable Pricing

Did you know the you can purchase the Sentinel Security Pack for only $2,500 + 20% support and maintenance for most environments. If you have over 1,000 endpoints to manage contact [email protected]

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