Compliance Manager

Fast and Affordable Compliance Management

Silect Compliance Manager monitors your infrastructure to ensure its secure and compliant. Compare your configurations against industry best practices and incorporate your own policies to monitor configuration drift. Built in remediation features make it easy to bring misconfigured systems back into a compliant and secure state.

Product Overview

Silect Compliance Manager is designed to give you immediate insight into your security and compliance posture. Compliance Manager leverages industry best practices including Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM) policies, SCAP policies as well as additional policies for security and healthcare compliance. In addition, users can easily include their existing policies for on-going reporting and analysis. Built-in remediation means non-compliant or insecure endpoints can be brought back into a secure and compliant state quickly and easily. Additionally Compliance Manager supports inventory and application whitelisting.

NEW! Microsoft Power BI support! Access rich HTML5 dashboards from anywhere and easily share those dashboards and reports with other stakeholders.

Flexible Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Manager can run configuration scans on-demand or it can be setup to scan on a scheduled basis. Compliance dashboards and reports show overall compliance as well as compliance trends with the ability to drill down to view individual endpoints and their compliance state.

Automated Remediation

Remediation features efficiently bring non-compliant systems back into a secure and compliant state.

Fast Deployment

Compliance Manager is designed to be up and running quickly. It does not require agents on managed endpoints, has a minimal set of requirements and can be setup to run in a variety of simple configurations and environments.

Create Custom Policies

Easily author configuration policies with Compliance Manager’s rich policy designer and editor. Author new policies by browsing existing systems settings or use the Golden Master wizard to capture in-use configurations. Compliance Manager supports a wide range of configuration setting types.

Leverage Industry Best Practices

Compliance Manager supports SCAP policies, Microsoft Security Compliance Manager policies as well as other custom policies to give you complete visibility into your current security and compliance posture. Silect also makes available policies to monitor HIPAA compliance as well as a more general security assessment capability.

Microsoft Power BI Reporting

Compliance Manager now supports Power BI dashboards and reports. Get rich customizable HTML5 dashboards showing your security and compliance posture. This dashboards can be accessed from anywhere and you can easily share this information with IT, security and compliance groups, 3rd party assessors or any other stakeholder.

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