NEW! Introducing The Silect Operations Portal Managed Instance

SCOM MP Lifecycle Management as a Service

Introducing a safe, new, easy way to work with SCOM management packs! The Silect Operations Portal Managed Instance (MI) is a new hosted service being offered by Silect which allows you to author new MPs, create or edit overrides, view MP contents, track changes to your MPs, generate reports and much more! Get started in minutes without the need to provision resources and install and configure software!

And for a limited time we are providing access to the Portal MI at no cost! Simply complete the sign-up form below and start authoring MPs. No software to download, install and setup. Login to the service and start authoring and managing your SCOM management packs!

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Are you looking for even more capabilities? Check out the Silect Operations Portal. The Silect Operations Portal gets installed within your environment and so offers even more capabilities including giving stakeholders the ability to manage their own monitoring settings, notifications and even maintenance schedules. Plus it includes an extensive REST API so you can automate and integrate with your existing workflows.

Click here to learn more about the Silect Operations Portal

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Sign up today to get access to the Silect Portal MI. And for a limited time using the Portal MI is completely free!

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