Power BI Dashboards now included with MP Studio!

If you have been considering MP Studio, now is the best time to take a closer look! From now until June 30, 2023 we are including our Power BI Dashboard bundle for SCOM with every purchase of MP Studio! That’s right – buy MP Studio and we will include at no additional charge our Power BI Dashboard bundle for SCOM.

MP Studio provides the best way to create and maintain management packs for SCOM. The Power BI Dashboard bundle for SCOM provides great insights into the health of your IT infrastructure and SCOM. Together this is an unbeatable product pairing to give you unparalleled control of SCOM and your IT environment.

Use MP Studio for:

  • Advanced MP Authoring
  • Override Management
  • Version Control
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • SCOM Explorer
  • NEW! SCOM Migration Assistant

…and much more!

The Power BI Dashboards for SCOM provide:

  • Executive summary of infrastructure health
  • Detailed breakdown of alerts
  • SCOM agent health
  • SCOM database health

… and more.

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