Silect Releases v12

We are super excited about our v12 release. Version 12 delivers even more ways of simplifying working with SCOM and introduces Power BI to help work with SCOM MPs, workflow and more!

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What’s New in MP Studio 12.0

  • Silect Dashboards for SCOM are now distributed with MP Studio and can be loaded from the
    Tools menu. The dashboards deliver great insights into the health of both SCOM and your IT environment.
  • New visualization options allow management packs and workflow reports to be viewed in an interactive Power BI dashboard.
  • Added support for external XML editor/viewer. Notepad++ is supported out of box, but other
    XML editors can be configured (VSCode and Notepad examples are documented).
  • Manage Overrides dialog improved so when multiple elements are selected, all features of the
    Manage Overrides dialog are still available (managing single elements used to provide much
    greater functionality than managing multiple overrides).
  • New commands are provided to add Fragment files, and Target Suppression files to the Store.
  • Commands to add Fragment files, Target Suppression files, and other non-MP files can now add
    multiple files with one command.
  • When adding or editing endpoints for the Silect Portal, passwords for certificates are now
    optional (but recommended).
  • Edit Folder command can now set or reset the Hidden flag.
  • Editing MPF files now tracks the classes defined by fragments so they can be:
    • used by other fragments for target classes.
    • Warn the user if a fragment is being deleted that other fragments depend on.
    • Updated in other fragments if class names change.
    • Fragments can be added in the correct order when building an MP.
  • When a new MP is created, if an MPF file is also created, the MPF file will be opened by default.

What’s New in MP Author Pro 12.0

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Home pages are now only distributed with the release (no more exceptions logged
    if the home pages could not be downloaded from