What’s New in v11.2

Our v11.2 release has some big improvements for both MP Studio and MP Author Professional. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

MP Author Professional v11.2

  • When comparing management packs, added or deleted elements are now shown with more detail. These same changes appear in MP Studio’s Audit History Reports.
  • Script monitor wizard now allows users to specify that multiple conditions should be OR rather than always being AND.
  • Editing XML for management packs will now allow users to save changes, even if the resultant MP is not valid at that time, to make it easier to make changes to different elements which are related. Invalid MPs cannot be saved, to ensure only correct MPs exist.
  • Fragments can now be imported multiple times even if some elements have the same names. This allows fragments to be created that use cookdown and share module types, etc. instead of having to duplicate them.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

MP Studio v11.2

All the new capabilities and enhancements added to MP Author Professional v11.2 plus…

  • The Migration Assistant now supports migrating many more settings or configurations, such as user roles and permissions, run as configurations, custom resolution states, administration settings, custom resource pools, maintenance schedules and agents/agentless monitoring, in addition to the previous support for migrating management packs.
  • A new Migration Evaluation Report is available to all users which will show what could be migrated with the Migration Assistant.
  • Fragments can now be put into the Store database, so a consistent set of fragments is available to all users and access can be controlled on a per-user basis.
  • Fragments in the Store database also work for the Silect Portal and MP Author Professional (if using the Store database).
  • Performance of the Store database has been significantly improved. Amongst other changes, file versions are now automatically compressed to reduce database size and improve performance.
  • Fragment files (not versions) can now have Notes and Descriptions edited. If Notes are specified, they will be shown instead of the file name. If a Description is specified, it will be shown instead of the description in the fragment file.
  • Two new permissions have been added (in Tools, User Administration… dialogs):
    • Allow New Allows the user to create new management packs or MPF files.
    • Allow Notifications Allows the user to create or edit notifications.
  • The Add User or Edit User dialogs allow non-Administrator users to have limited access to the Store database (including limiting access to fragments in the Store). These dialogs have been reworked to show what access has been granted more clearly.

Upgrade Recommendations:

  1. Administrators should review all custom roles to ensure that the new permissions meet their requirements.
  2. For all users with limited access to the Store database, administrators should review their access and change if necessary. Even if no changes are made, close the Edit User dialog with the Save button, not the Close button, to ensure the user scope information is updated.