What’s New in v11.2

Our v11.2 release has some big improvements for both MP Studio and MP Author Professional. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

MP Author Professional v11.2

  • Allow Script Monitor states to specify multiple criteria using OR (as well as the default AND) of the multiple criteria.
  • Allow Edit XML to save even if the resultant XML is not valid, if the user requests it
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

MP Studio v11.2

The MP Author Professional changes above plus:

  • Migration Assistant now supports migrating the following SCOM settings:
    • Management Packs and Overrides
    • User Roles and Permissions
    • Run As configurations
    • SCOM Configuration Settings including Custom Resolution States, Administration Settings and Custom Resource Pools
    • Maintenance Schedules
    • Agents and Agentless Monitoring
  • Allow fragments to be moved to the Store.
  • New http fragment to monitor web transactions.
  • Add RBAC support for fragments in the Store.
  • Sped up all Store database access by using compiled queries.
  • Add compression to file versions.
  • Add support for the FileNotes and FileDescription. FileNotes, if present, will be shown instead of the file name. FileDescription, if present, will be shown instead of the Description read from the .mpx file.
  • Update the comparison engine so that added and deleted objects now display details about what was added or deleted. This will also be reflected in the Audit History Report.