Silect Operations Portal for SCOM

The Silect Operations Portal

DevOps is transforming the way organizations are developing, deploying and operating applications, systems and IT infrastructure accelerating time to market for new applications and systems enabling a more agile business. The new Silect Operations Portal can help your organization move towards DevOps and DevOps-driven monitoring.

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Learn about the features and benefits of the Silect Operations Portal

What's included in the Silect Operations Portal?

1. A new self-service web interface so users can easily check and modify monitoring configurations

2. MP Studio: the best-of-breed solution to manage the complete lifecycle of all your SCOM management packs

3. A new REST API to automate workflows and integration with 3rd party systems

4. Concurrent user licenses so that everyone who's involved in monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure have the tools they need

5. Training so organizations can maximize the value of their investment

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The Silect Operations Portal is a package of solutions to enable your organization to move towards adopting DevOps. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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