What’s New in MP Studio and MP Author Professional v11.1

MP Author Professional

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Update referenced NuGet packages and upgrade to latest version of Infragistics.

Executable files are now signed, so Silect is shown when Run as administrator is used.

Add test to Verify command for duplicate case insensitive MP reference aliases (SCInternal!…). [SCOM
2022 considers aliases to be case insensitive, previously the compare was case sensitive, which can
cause collisions.]

Silect Windows Library and Silect Network Management Library MPs are now “version agnostic”. A
single version (11.1) exists which works with all versions of SCOM.

MP Studio

All the new capabilities and enhancements added to MP Author Professional v11.1 plus…

Introducing the new Migration Assistant to help with migrating existing management groups to new
management groups. This supports the same or newer SCOM versions, including Operations Manager
Managed Instance (MI).

Cache sealed MPs for performance and memory usage.

Add Schema Types to list of elements supported by SCOM Explorer.

Improve the Management Group Compare report to show which groups MPs are missing from.

Silect Operations Portal licenses and endpoints can now be configured from Tools, Options

  • Look forward to the migration tool when we test out the Managed Instance version of SCOM. Thanks!

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