MP Studio, MP Author Pro and MP Author: Version 10.1

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of MP Studio, MP Author Pro and MP Author version 10.1. We’ve made lots of updates and improvements to the products. Here’s a summary of the changes:

MP Studio

  • Referencing Overrides container now only appears for installed sealed MPs.
  • Improve the handling of audit data when attempting to delete or add/replace MPs where the previous/next MP can not be read.
  • Ensure that when saving MPs from the Store, that the file is saved with the correct extension (this applies when a file has some versions which are .mp files and some other versions which are .mpb files).
  • Notifications of changed/added MP or MPF files are now filtered to only show those notifications for files that the current user has access to.
  • Scope checking has been updated to work better with nested folders.
  • In the Store tree, all folders now appear first (sorted alphabetically), followed by all files (also sorted alphabetically).
  • Do not allow a Store DB connection string to be saved unless both the Server and DB names have been specified.
  • Allow MP Studio to run Testing without using the Silect Profile Service.
  • Update the management pack display name (used in the Store tree) whenever a new version of an MP is checked in (if needed). This now means the latest display name is shown, not the first display name.

And the changes in MP Author Pro (below).

MP Author Pro

  • SNMP has been updated to read Counter64 values as strings (because SCOM does not support a 64-bit integer type).
  • Variables used in SNMP traps now have the correct OID value used.
  • SNMP: OIDView no longer seems to allow MIB file downloads so Circitor is now suggested. (Getting MIB files from the device vendor remains the preferred way to get MIB files.)
  • SNMP Trap Event/Alert rule will no longer reset the Rule Category to Event Collection upon edit.
  • Some versions of the SCOM SDK could throw unexpected exceptions when fetching some elements which did not exist in the MP (instead of just returning an empty list). This is now handled correctly.

And the changes in MP Author (below).

MP Author

  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.
  • Edit XML has been enabled for whole unsealed management packs.
  • Significant updates have been made to the View Wizards. Alert, Event and State wizards now allow users to control which columns are shown, in which order, and how they are grouped. The Performance View wizard now allows control over the presentation of the graphs.