What’s New in v11.3

Our v11.3 release has some big improvements for both MP Studio and MP Author Professional including complete support for Azure Monitor SCOM Managed Instance. Here’s a summary of what’s new.

MP Author Professional

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Derived class wizard now works correctly for Linux classes.
  • When deploying MPs to SCOM, if reference MPs are to be deployed, but the versions are for a later version of SCOM, a warning will be displayed.
  • Handling of event logs, for rules, monitors, and views, was modified to allow users to select Event Sources, rather than querying the contents of a whole event log. If Event Sources are queried, only the event supported by that source will be shown, which is much faster and more accurate.
  • Improve error handling in the registry discovery wizard to avoid producing incorrect discoveries.
  • RunAs credentials can now be selected in the Registry, Script, and WMI discovery wizards.

MP Studio

All the new capabilities and enhancements added to MP Author Professional v11.3 plus…

  • Improve the handling of fragments in the Store database, specifically for users with limited access. Always create a personal Fragments folder under My Fragments.
  • Users with limited access can now have access to just a subset of sealed MPs. Referenced MPs will be opened as required (but users will not be able to see or open them explicitly).
  • The Audit History report now obeys the scope rules for users with limited access.
  • Added new commands to show all management packs referencing the selected MP, for MPs in the Store or MPs that are installed in SCOM.
  • Added new commands to invoke SCOM Explorer for single MP versions in the Store, or in a management group, without having to open the MP first.
  • Ensure that if a management group cannot be contacted during start up, the message box will automatically time out and the user will eventually get to the MP Studio main screen.
  • When a user cannot get logged into MP Studio, try to display a list of the names of Admins to help them.
  • Improve performance and memory usage for the Instance Selection dialog. Ensure the Class Instance dialog returns the correct display name.
  • MP Studio no longer requires the external prerequisites for SQL SMO.
  • MP Studio now supports SQL MI (Managed Instance).
  • The Testing feature of MP Studio is now deprecated.