RBAC and SCOM 2022

One of the big new features introduced in SCOM 2022 is support for new roles. The ability to delegate authority to perform certain actions is increasingly important as organizations get business and application owners more involved in managing and monitoring IT services and move towards a more agile posture. Perhaps you need to grant an Read-Only role to allow someone to view Alerts . Maybe it’s an Advanced Operator to override the configuration of certain rules and monitors. Regardless of the scenario, introducing roles has been a long awaited feature and allows more users to have a stake in monitoring.

Silect has embraced roles for some time now as organizations adopt a more DevOps-driven monitoring model. When it comes to managing the “brains” of SCOM – management packs – including authoring, upgrading, overrides, etc. we fully support pre-defined roles to limit what users can do as well as custom roles for more advanced scenarios. With the introduction of the Silect Operations Portal we extend those same capabilities to more users via a readily accessible web console. We work closely with the roles defined in SCOM 2022 to provide a seamless experience while working with monitoring configurations.

For example, maybe a business manager or technology owner needs to see exactly how their services are being monitored. Using the portal they can view active SCOM workflows (including effective overrides) running on one ore more agents. Or maybe they need to monitor a new service they have deployed and author a new MP using fragments or see recent changes made to MPs. All that and much more can be accomplished easily with MP Studio and the new portal solution.

Learn more at https://www.silect.com/silect-operations-portal