What’s New in Version 11

We are very excited about our new Version 11 release of Silect MP Author Professional and MP Studio. Read below for the details of this new release.

MP Author Professional

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Added support for Operations Manager 2022. Remove support for Operations Manager 2012 and 180x.

When editing database and/or web siter monitors (which use SCOM templates), re-use the same Guid to minimize changes and improve upgradability of sealed MPs.

Windows event log handling updated to include all event logs.

Windows Event Rule and Event Monitor wizards now uses a general expression builder.

Improve text selection by dragging the mouse in XML view/edit windows.

Configuration properties and other strings can now be edited in place with a pop-up text edit window.

Allow control over tooltips in trees and grids.

Errors deleting elements now produces actionable messages with lists of other items which (typically) need to be deleted first.

Edit References dialog now shows which references are unused and could be deleted.

No longer are folders created automatically for groups (but existing folders will be maintained).

Registry and WMI class wizards now populate the class Display Name with the first key property with a string value, otherwise with the host computer Principal Name.

Windows Event Rule and Event Monitor wizards now allow unlimited expression complexity.

New wizards for WMI rules and monitors.

Missing parameters in fragment headers are now warnings, not errors.

When editing overrides for singleton classes, <Singleton> is displayed in the Instance field for clarity.

MP Studio

All the new capabilities and enhancements added to MP Author Professional v11 plus…

New SCOM Explorer to allow exploring and searching within a management group, or just a single MP and all the MPs it references. This includes some hierarchy viewers for visualizing relationships between objects (shift-click for more detail). Allows lookup of live data from a selected management group, for instances and group members.

New Update Store utility searches for management packs and versions which are installed on your SCOM management groups, but not in the Store database. If located, the MP versions are loaded into the Store database. This can be very useful if Backup commands are failing due to missing referenced MPs.

When a file cannot be deleted from the Store because other files are dependent on it, display the list of dependent files.

The Store database could get confused if an MP name ended with .MP (looks like a .mp extension), so the comparisons are now done in a case sensitive manner.

The Manage Fragments dialog now allows admin user to set a common default path for all users.

Allow Store folders to be ignored for Management Group Compare reports (useful to ignore Backups folder).

Now workflow reports time-out individual agents if querying takes more than 60 seconds (can happen if the agent is off-line).

Allow Download Microsoft Management Packs from Internet to only show MPs created/modified after a specified date (defaults to last run).